Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why? The Answer That Brought My Muse Back Into Existence

The question "Why?" is killer when you're writing a novel. It's the most important question you can ask yourself as an author, followed closely thereafter by "What if...?" Writing Daniel has been a near-decade long process for me and a very personal journey into a world that exists solely in my head. I came across a call for submissions that only wanted an excerpt of whatever WIP you're working on. Daniel sprung to mind. The problem? They also wanted a cover letter that explained what this excerpt meant to the whole book. And, so, I found myself FINALLY answering "Why?"

"Nearly twenty years of theological curiosity has led Jessi Webb towards writing novels based on one aspect of faith that binds humanity together: redemption. She has studied the misery of guilt and the agony of consequence. Human nature fascinates her; the deep-seated desire to be accepted with all of our faults and failings has opened an array of doors to her novel in progress, Memoirs of Daniel.

This is the story of an Angel whose destiny to Fall and serve the Angels of Hell rocks the time-honored belief that once a person has succumbed to darkness there is no return, only eternal damnation. She challenges this belief along with many others through the troubled mind of the Angel of Death and his journey in life through the eyes of countless human souls. The novel has been written and rewritten five times, and only seven years after its initial first draft does Jessi believe it is finally ready to write the climactic ending she’s envisioned for nearly a decade.

The excerpt that I have decided to submit is an integral piece of Daniel’s story. It is the tipping point, a moment of weakness and helplessness as we experience along with Daniel just how daunting temptation, and the desire to choose the right path, can become. This moment is Daniel’s story in the making, it is the most important part of his existence: to fail, to Fall, and to feel as if the despair that consumes him will never allow him freedom again. For it is only with insurmountable suffering that will he appreciate the long journey to redemption."

I think I'm finally ready to finish this series. Ready to make Daniel exactly what he's meant to be. If I haven't lost all of you, I'd like to keep you around for the journey. :)